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25 ft 6' Length

8 ft 8' Beam

15" Draft

3600 lbs. dry weight

Yamaha 300

2 Garmin 12" touchscreens

Garmin phantom radar

Rhodan GPS trolling motor

2 10 ft power poles

VHF radio

JL Audio interface

Sirius Xm

Underwater lighting

3 Bait livewells

68 Gallons fuel

EPIRB emergency location beacon


Reel High is ready to take you and your friends/family on the fishing trip of a lifetime! Ride out in smooth comfort on our 2021 Sea Hunt BX25 FS. This boat is a true Cadillac of the bay/near shore and will have you out to your spot in comfort in no time with the Yamaha 300hp motor. The entire boat is floored with comfortable custom made sea decking. Three large soft comfortable upholstered seats flip up from the rear for extra seating and lounging while on the run to your next fishing hole! Not to worry though, the seats all fold down for maximum deck space when fishing! The front live well in front of the helm has seating for one or two if needed. Enjoy your music with onboard JL audio, don't miss the game with onboard satellite radio, find the spots with the best Garmin fish finding and radar equipment on the market. Two 12 inch Garmin touch screens give you all the relevant fishing and navigation info at your fingertips. Traditional sonar, clearview, sideview, and 3D imaging all work together with out top notch captain to make sure you are on the fish. A Garmin phantom radar unit sits atop the molded painted t top. Misters cool you down on those hot humid mornings and three large live wells hold every type of bait you could want to fish with! Rhodan GPS trolling motor with 120 lbs of thrust locks you in with no wasted time anchoring and missing the spots, keeping you fishing longer! The boat has plenty of lifejackets, fire extinguisher, VHF radio, EPIRB safety beacon locator unit, flares, first aid, and satellite weather connections. She rides like a dream, with the 6 inch jack plate allowing the powerful Yamaha 300 motor to raise up about the bottom of the boat and creep into very shallow areas for a boat of this size. This is very important in the Corpus/Port A bay area as the waters can be very shallow where the fish like to hide in holes. The Sea Hunt BX25 FS has unrivaled fishability in these conditions allowing you to stalk in the shallows and to take on the waves off shore for a great day of fishing. No matter what the day calls for Reel High is prepared to handle it, take on the waves and deliver the fishing experience of a lifetime in a safe and comfortable environment unmatched in its class.

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