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The Captain
Andrew Neystel

Andrew Neystel

Reel Deal Fishing Charters

Andrew Neystel is a Coast Guard licensed Captain and is running charters aboard Reel High through his company Reel Deal Fishing Charters!

 Andrew has over a decade of experience fishing with clients and taking guests out in the Gulf of Mexico and the Corpus/Port A area.   Learning and working under He first began to hone his skills on the “party boats” out of Port Aransas, Tx, quickly transitioning from this to larger fishing operations. Over the years Andrew has worked with almost every boat in Fisherman's Wharf, Dolphin Docks, and Deep Headquarters. Andrew spent the most time learning and working under legendary Captain Marvin Horner Jr. aboard the Kingfisher. After years of dedication and working to hone his craft an opportunity of a lifetime struck  when he least expected it. Andrew was chosen to fish on The Discovery Channel's new series "Ice Cold Catch". The show filmed in Iceland aboard the Valdimar, a battle tested, scarred, true long line vessel. The workload intensity matched the larger than life personalities of the hard working Captains and crew mates. Andrew would experience the worlds most treacherous waters while fishing arctic cycles off the west coast of Iceland. Andrew has also worked storm seasons all around the North Atlantic Ocean, the Denmark strait, as well as north of the Arctic circle near Greenland. Although tough, these experiences perfectly matched the strong willed large personality Andrew brings to his clients fishing adventures. It was always his dream to start his own charter business and through his partnership with Reel High Fishing, Andrew is poised to take his charter business "Real Deal Fishing Carters" to the Corpus/Port A area. Andrew Neystel believes in responsible fishing and smart ocean conservation. Andrew is ready to share his love and passion fore the water and fishing with each and every client who comes aboard. 

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